I am a certified Life Coach specializing in helping adults and teens get past over-thinking and perfectionism to find their way.

As a coach, I  focus on helping my clients discover their self-confidence by showing them what they cannot see for themselves and teaching them to manage the most underutilized asset they have: their mind. I am a lover of people and relationships, and seeking what is right and true in the world. I believe that my life’s work is to help people flourish and become their very best selves through awareness, purpose, kindness and love.

Hello, I'm jennifer


Hello, I'm jennifer

 I’ve learned that when you reach out,                                       things can happen.


& good

unexpected & good

I help my clients go from feelings of inadequacy to finally knowing you’re enough.

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I pretend that exercise is my friend. I’ve found that spirituality takes effort. 

I know it’s okay to change your mind, even when people don’t understand. I’ve learned that with old friends the roots go deep—they can’t be easily yanked.

I’d choose as my superpower to visit the past; the future doesn’t interest me much. I miss my grandparents just as much as I thought I would when I was young and imagined them gone.

what I feel & believe

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